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George H. Cook Theses (2015, 2016)

  1. GHC Theses 2015
  2. GHC Theses 2016

2015 George H. Cook Scholars

Niki Nayan Jayshree Amin
Degradation of Biphenyl and Diphenyl Methane by Pseudomonas stutzeri Bacterial Species Using Biphenyl Catabolic Pathway
With Gerben Zylstra (Biochemistry & Microbiology)

Karen Ben-Elazar
Effect of Dairy Proteins on Viscosity and Glycemic Index of Oat Based Formulas
With Michael Rogers (Food Science)

Lauren Benzinger
Structural Explorations of Leptin's Role in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
With Shuchismit Dutta (Chemistry & Chemical Biology)

Holly M. Berman
User Survey of Sustainability Education at Duke Farms
With Karen O'Neill (Human Ecology)

Aishwarya Bhattacharjee
Community Ecology and Animal Physiology
With Peter Morin (Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources)

Monica Castle
Vitamin D Supplementation and Cognitive Function in Postmenopausal Women
With Sue Shapses (Nutritional Sciences)

Brittney Chrans
Female Mbuna Cichlid's Search Pattern for Potential Mates
With Rebecca Jordan (Human Ecology)

Michael Ciappi
Risk Index and Mapping of the Monk Parakeet throughout North America
With Julie Lockwood (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

Ross C. Conroy
Antimicrobial Inclusion in Bacterial Cellulose Food Packaging: Optimization of Loading Procedure
With Kit Yam (Food Science)

Caroline Ines Davis
The Purification and Characterization of the Human LPIN2-Encoded Phosphatidate Phosphatase
With George Carmen (Food Science)

Julianne Davis
Searching For Susceptibility to Anisogramma Anomala in Hazelnut Cultivars Using Real Time PCR
With Thomas Molnar (Plant Biology & Pathology)

Tamar Demby
Understanding the Role of GCN2 in Amino Acid Signaling to the mTOR-mediated Pathway of Autophagy Induction
With Tracy Anthony (Nutritional Sciences)

Anam Fatima
Studies of Intestinal Lipid Transport & Metabolism Using Mice Null for Fatty Acid Binding Proteins
With Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)

Katherine Fudacz
A Comparison Between the International Commercialization of Bolivian Quinoa and Local Commercialization of Oaxacan Amaranth
With Mark Robson (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Eliana S. Geretz
Temporal and Spatial Changes in Bryophyte Diversity With Urbanization in Philadelphia, PA
With Myla Aronson (Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources)

Rahul D. Ghosal
Climate Vulnerability and Small Island States: A Case Study of the Caribbean
With Robin Leichenko (Geography)

Samantha Globerman
Role of Estrogen and Progesterone in Enhanced Susceptibility to Mammary Tumorigenesis
With Wendie Cohick (Animal Science)

Ruthie Goldstein
Federal Food Assistance Benefit Utilization and Fruit and Vegetable Intake Patterns Among New Brunswick Community Farmers Market Customers
With Nurgul Fitzgerald (Nutritional Science)

William A. Hansen
Computational DeNovo Enzyme Design Methods With Catalytic Ion Complexes
With Sagar Khare (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

Cheryl A. Harvey
The Effects of Eiphisol on Blood Gases and Chemistries in Exercising Horses
With Kenneth McKeever (Animal Science)

Michelle R. Hernandez
The Effects of Fatty Acid Profile and 17-Beta Estradiol on Obesity and the Hypothalamic Energy Balance System
With Troy A. Roepke (Animal Science)

Oliver S. Ho
The Effect of Temperature on Western Antarctic Phytoplankton Physiology
With Oscar Schofield (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Daniel L. Hollerbach
Genetic Characterization of bamA's Involvement in the Anaerobic Pathway for the Degradation of Natural Aromatics
With Abigail W. Porter (Environmental Science)

Theresa L. Hyslop
Living Laboratories for the Cook/Douglass Campus
With Holly Nelson (Landscape Architecture)

Rishi Jaggernauth
Unsecured Debt Levels and Effect on Physical Healtht
With Karen Zurlo (School of Social Work)

Marium Javed
Structure of NS1B Protein
With Gaetano T. Montelione (Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine)

Rebecca L. Joyce
Effects of Developmental Estrogenic Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Exposures on Rat Uteri
With Aparna Zama (Animal Science)

Ryan W. Koch
Parasite Communities Along a River Continuum in the New Jersey Pinelands
With Michael Sukhdeo (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

Sarah Korapati
Potential For a Climax Community in an Urban Brownfield Through a Study of the Tree Colonization
With Frank Gallagher (Landscape Architecture)

Andrew Lahr
Quantifying the Effects of Man-made Fish Passage Systems on Anadromous Fish Populations in the Raritan River
With Olaf Jensen (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Michael C. Lamantia
A Marketing Analysis of International Trade in the Bahamas
With Ramu Govindasamy (Agriculture Economics and Marketing)

Ran Li
In Vitro Characterization of Niemann-Pick Type C2 Transfer Domain
With Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)

Carol Liu
Delivery of Antifungal Activity via Outer Membrane Vesicles of Lysobacter enzymogenes C3
With Paul Meers (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Jui Wan Loh
Impact of Human Genomic Variation
With Jinchuan Xing (SAS-DLS- Genetics)

Lauren Louie
The Effects of Glutamine on Neurodegenerative Diseases
With Jianmin Chen (DLS- Cell Biology & Neuroscience)

Jessica Lovich
Effects of Duration of Nursing on Gene Expression in the Neonatal Porcine Uterus
With Carol Bagnell (Animal Science)

Lorri Matusiak-Lindsay
Mitigating the Effects of Equine Facilities on Watersheds Through Landscape Architecture
With Frank Gallagher (Landscape Architecture)

Colleen McHugh
Thermodynamic Changes Associated With Climate Change Applied to the 2010 Boxing Day Blizzard
With Steven Decker (Environmental Science)

Katelyn Meyler
Effects of Natural Antioxidants on Volatile Lipid Oxidation Products in Dry Model Systems
With Karen Schaich (Food Science)

Kendall L. Miller
An Evaluation of Trichopteran Light Trapping For Use in Aquatic Biomonitoring, Sussex Co., New Jersey
With Frank Carle (Entomology)

Elizabeth C. Newton
Black Bear (Ursus americanus) Harvest Modeling in NJ
With Brooke Maslo (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

Tu Nguyen
Developing a Palatable Bait for American, German and Oriental Cockroaches
With Changlu Wang (Entomology)

Chelcey Nordstrom
The Effects of Light Variation on Decomposition Rate and Insect Colonization on Pig Carcasses
With George Hamilton (Entomology)

Purandhri Pandya
Genetic Analysis of Primer-Dependent Initiation in Escherichia coli
With Bryce Nickels (Waksman Institute of Microbiology)

Nikesh Patel
Effects of Maternal Supplementation With Aminogut on Pig Neonatal Liver
With Carol Bagnell (Animal Science)

James Rodrigues
RNAi to Knock Down Insulin - Like Peptides to Test Health Span in 7 Day Old Adult C. Elegans
With Monica Driscoll (DLS-Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)

Laura Romano
Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) on Energy Metabolism in Zebrafish Embryos (Danio rerio)
With Lori White (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Jennifer Rose
The Effect of Music on Approach Behavior in Dairy Heifers
With Susan Becker and Larry Katz (Animal Science)

Shira Tziporah Rosenblum
The Volume Change of Co-factor Binding To Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase
With Peter Kahn (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Bryan D. Ryder
The Role of Hydration in the Formation of Insulin Amyloid Fibrils
With Peter Kahn (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Rachael Sacatelli
Diamondback Terrapin Species Distribution Model for the Mid-Atlantic Region
With Brooke Maslo (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

Catherine Seeds
The Effects of Continuous vs. Rotational Grazing Systems on Horse Condition and Plant Performance
With Carey Williams (Animal Science)

Lena S. Sena
Differential Effects of Sex Steroids on Sexual Behavior in Castrated Male Goats
With Susan Becker and Larry Katz (Animal Science)

Alise Strauch
Assessing Compliance With Catch-and-Release Measures in the Recreational Fishery For Hucho Taimen in Mongolia
With Olaf Jensen (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Tejasvi Turpuseema
Developing a Descriptive Sensory Profile for Common Culinary Varieties of Ocimum basilicum (Sweet Basil)
With Jim Simon (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Alejandra G. Villalobos
Effect of Maternal Over-nutrition On Gene Expression in the Arcuate and Liver
With Troy A. Roepke (Animal Science)

Veronica Walentowizc
Environmental and Occupational Health
With Mark Robson (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Ruiying Xiong
Contact Time and Its Effect on Cross-contamination of Enterobacter Aerogenes (or Salmonella) To Wood and Plastic Cutting Boards
With Donald Schaffner (Food Science)

Victoria Y. Yeung
Potential Photoinactivation of Foodborne Pathogens Using GRAS Photosensitizers
With Richard Ludescher (Food Science)

Shuqi Zhao
Production of Sucrose Ester Organogel Under Different Processing Parameters: Effect on the Structure Crystallinity, Rheology and Digestion Kinetics
With Qingrong Huang (Food Science)

2016 George H. Cook Scholars

Amanda Bevan
Survival Analysis of Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis) with White-nose Syndrome
With Brooke Maslo (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

David Blystone
The Effects Of Endophytic Bacteria On Disease Resistance in Lilium Longiflorum
With Nimmi Rajmohan (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Stephanie Boucher
The Effect of Temperature on RpoS Expression and the Recovery of Desiccated O157:H7
With Karl Matthews (Food Science)

Keaton Brenneman
Observing the June 2013 East Coast US Meteotsunami Event in ROMS
With John Wilkin (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Carmela M. Buono
A Study of the Biotic and Abiotic Effects of Rubus phoenicolasius in a Mixed Oak Forest
With Myla Aronson (Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources)

Kuan Yu Cheong
The Anti-UV Mechanisms of Plant Extracts in Caenorhabditis Elegans
With Rong Di (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Hayley Cohen
Raspberry Ketone [4-(4 Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Butanone] Effects On Body Weight Homeostasis
With Nicholas Bello (Animal Science)

Emily R. Convery
Development of Self-Enurination Behavior in the Male Goat
With Larry Katz and Susan Becker (Animal Science)

Joshua Coupe
Eddy Characteristics From a Global Ocean Reanalysis Dataset
With Enrique Curchitser (Environmental Science)

Catherine E. Dillon
Canopy Productivity and Recovery in an Urban Brownfield Forest
With Frank Gallagher (Landscape Architecture)

Julia Dreifus
Carbon Cycling in Microbial Biofilms in Deep-sea Vents
With Constantino Vetriani (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Carly Earle
The Regulation of Clp Proteases By SrrAB in Staphylococcus aureus
With Jeff Boyd (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Sundoes Elbery
Health Beliefs and Behaviors of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Urban Egypt
With Briavel Holcomb (Edward Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy)

Christina A. Enoch
Developing a Community Animal Response Team at Rutgers University: Assessing Disaster Awareness and Preparedness for Animals of Rutgers Affiliates
With Julie M. Fagan (Animal Science)

Austin Falciani
Biodegradation of Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-A Analogs
With Max Haggblom (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Derrick Fondaco
Luminescent Probes of Micro (and Bulk) Viscosity: Applicability To On-line Measurements
With Richard Ludescher (Food Science)

Ella Friling
The NRF2 Gene and In-utero Inflammatory Response in Autism
With George Wagner (Psychology)

Katherine Fullerton
Presence of the Anaerobic Benzoyl-CoA Degradation Pathway in Animal Samples
With Abigail W. Porter (Environmental Science)

Sakshi Gandhi
Copper Homeostasis in S. aureus
With Jeff Boyd (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Rebecca Gardella
Elucidating the Interplay Between TEP Production and Viral Infection in Coccolithophores
With Kay Bidle (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Ashley Goncalves
Dynamics of the Primary Producers Along the West Antarctica Peninsula
With Oscar Schofield (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Glen Groben
Ethylendiruea Induced Protection Against Ozone Damage: Transcriptome Analysis
With Barbara Zilinskas (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Andrea Guerra
Biochemistry and Geochemistry of Mediterranean Coral: Can Trace Element Composition Reveal Vulnerability to Ocean Acidification?
With Robert Sherrell (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Sai M. Guntaka
mTOR Complex 2 Structural Integrity Upon Nutrient Deprivation
With Estela Jacinto (RWJ-Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Nicole Guzman
Trace Metals in New Jersey Estuarine Fish
With John Reinfelder (Environmental Science)

Meagan L. Hennessy
Effects of Estrogen on the Microbiome and Fat Metabolism In Intact Versus Ovariectomized Mice
With Sara Campbell (SAS- Exercise Science)

Kurtis Himmler
Effect of the Urban Landscape on Avian Community Composition in New York City Parks
With Myla Aronson (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)

Oliver S. Ho
The Effect of Temperature on Western Antarctic Phytoplankton Physiology
With Oscar Schofield (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Neal Kantharia
A Risk Assessment of Commonly Used Insecticides in Hebei, China Based on Acute Toxicity Values
With Mark Robson (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Caitlin Kober
The Effect of Co-twin Gender on Estrous Behavior in Goats
With Larry Katz and Susan Becker (Animal Science)

Rachel Lee
Analytical Sensory Analysis of Basil
With Beverly Tepper (Food Science)

Xinyi Li
Does the Deletion of IFABP or LFABP Cause Over Compensation in the Other FABP in Mice Fed a High Fat Diet?
With Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)

Madison Little
Sexual Concurrency, Male Circumcision, and HIV Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa: Informing Policy For an Effective AIDS Response in the Post-2015 Development Era
With Ashley Fox (Rockefeller College of Public Affairs)

Samuel Lucas
An Assessment of Attitudes of First Responders (EMTs) to Patients in Mental Health Crisis
With Mark Robson (Plant Biology and Pathology)

Huibin Luo
Source Apportionment of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Sediments of the Upper Hudson River
With Lisa A. Rodenburg (Environmental Science)

Stacy Martinez
Indigenous Vulnerability: Ecological, Cultural and Health Effects of Climate Changes and Human Disturbances in the Peruvian Amazon
With Holly Nelson (Landscape Architecture)

Shannon Moran
Investigating Uptake Mechanisms of Selenocysteine Proteins
With Paul Copeland (RWJ-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Kelli Mullane
Isolation and Identification of Pure Bacterial Cultures
With Constantino Vetriani (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Eliot Nagele
Restoration Management Plan for the Arbor Trail
With Jean Marie Hartman (Landscape Architecture)

Mary Nasr
The Effects of Age and Nursing on Neonatal Porcine Small Intestine
With Carol Bagnell (Animal Science)

Sophie Newton
The Effects of Surface Residue Mutation on Niemann Pick Type C 2 Protein on Cholesterol Transport and Sensitivity to LBPA
With Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)

Sher Lynn Ng
Impact of Climate Changes on the Ecology of West Antarctic Peninsula
With Oscar Schofield (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Aashka Parikh
Study of the Function and Dynamics of Centromere Proteins in Drosophila Melanogaster Oocytes
With Kim McKim (Waksman Institute of Microbiology)

Varsha Poddar
Characterization of Lung Microbiome
With Lee Kerkhof (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Nicholas Raffa
Mercury Methylation and the Role of Syntrophy
With Tamar Barkay (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Breanna Robles
A Place to Call Home: A Courtyard Design for Ebbetts Field Apartments
With Holly Nelson (Landscape Architecture)

Francesca Roselli
Population Biology of Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus Tau, In New Jersey Estuaries
With Daphne Munroe (Marine and Coastal Science)

Alec E. Roth
Non-Recycled Plastic as a Feedstock for Advanced Fuel
With Serpil Guran (NJ Eco Complex)

Chianti Shi
The Effect of Platinum Containing Chemotherapeutics on Zebrafish Development
With Kyle Murphy (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Kathryn Sinko
IGF Binding Protein-3 Mediates Ribotoxin-induced Apoptosis in Mammary Epithelial Cells
With Wendie Cohick (Animal Science)

Alexandria Stellwag
The Effect of Breast-feeding on Adult Taste Perception and Enjoyment of Glutamate in Foods
With Paul Breslin (Nutritional Sciences)

Rebecca Tonnessen
The Healthy Campus Environmental Audit: An Evaluation of the Food Environment of Rutgers Campus
With Carol Byrd-Bredbenner (Nutritional Sciences)

Vinay L. Vadali
A Study of mRNA Phenotypes in Normal and Cancer Cells
With Sungchul Ji (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Ashley Van Name
Exploring the Lagrangian Dynamics of Gulf Stream Eddies
With Enrique Curchitser (Environmental Science)

Sangeevan Vellappan
Identifying Target for the New Antichlamydial Benzylidene Acylhydrazide
With Huizhou Fan (RWJ–Pharmacology)

Kathleen Vincent
Ocean Acidification Effects on 2013 Summer Flounder: Morphometric Analysis
With Keith Cooper (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Ryann Ashley Wakefield
The Impacts of Antecedent Soil Moisture Anomalies on Tornado Activity in the United States
With Steven Decker (Environmental Science)

Sarah M. Waxman
Food Colors as Intrinsic Luminescent Sensors in Edible Products
With Richard Ludescher (Food Science)

Aaron Wu
Characterization of Tet and Its Role in Development in Drosophila melanogaster
With Ruth Steward (Waksman Institute of Microbiology)

Amanda Zahorik
Changes in the Membrane Lipid Composition of Arctic Acidobacteria in Response to Ph and Cold Stress
With Max Haggblom (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Meijuan Zeng
Relationships Among Rutgers-New Brunswick, Students' Perceptions of the Campus Physical Activity Environment, Physical Activity Practices and Cognitions, and Campus Walkability and Bikeability
With Carol Byrd-Bredbenner (Nutritional Science)

Joseph Zientek
Morphological Trait Matching Between Bees and Flowers Drives Pairwise Interactions
With Rachel Winfree (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources)