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Program Description

The SEBS General Honors Program provides highly motivated and promising students a challenging intellectual environment. Honors students participate in a four-year program that includes interdisciplinary seminars and a graduated introduction to research.

Year Curriculum
First Year
  • Fall:  Readings in Biology (1 credit)
  • Spring:  An interdisciplinary Honors Seminar I (3 credits)
Sophomore Year
  • Sophomores register each semester for a 1-credit research tutorial (1 credit fall, 1 credit spring)
  • Honors Seminar II in the spring or fall semester (3 credits)
Junior Year
  • In either/both semesters, a minimum of 3 credits of tutorial, honors research or extension education, supervised by a faculty member or appropriate professional
Senior Year
  • An additional honors tutorial or George H. Cook Scholar (senior honors thesis) project for a minimum of (6 credits)

Honors Seminars

The team-taught seminars take an interdisciplinary approach to a different topic each year. Some recent topics include

  • About That Question - How to ask questions and organize ways to develop answers.
  • Global Equine Industry - Explore international differences in equine management.
  • Mapping and Making Healthier Communities - Hands on computer exercises to improve community health.
  • Building and Using Sensors - Design and construct a sensing system to fly on a drone.

Honors Tutorials

Recent student research topics include

  • Effects of Biodiversity on Community Closure in Protozoan Microcosms
  • Developing a Protocol for the Analysis of Gelatin Capsule Degradation and Content Release
  • Feasibility Study of Wind Turbines as an Alternative Energy Source for Jersey Shore Communities
  • Changes in Cryphonectria parasitica Gene Expression Caused by Infection with Two Reoviruses
  • Effect of TPA Alone and in Combination with Capsaicin on the Growth and Differentiation of Breast Cancer Line MCF-7


The honors program sponsors occasional theater trips, receptions, movie nights, picnics and other activities suggested by the students.

Application Procedure

Interested students first apply for admission to SEBS through the Office of University Undergraduate Admissions. Students who have been admitted and have indicated SEBS on the Rutgers University application form as their first or second choice among the colleges qualify for consideration. Invitations to the program are based on admissions ranking within the application year, considering SAT, class rank, cumulative average and student activities.