SEBS Juniors

Junior year is when most students begin planning out their G.H. Cook Scholars Project. This project is seen as a capstone project that requires the integration of your knowledge with further independent research on your part. For students in the SEBS general honors program, your tutorials have been leading towards completing a G.H. Cook Scholars Project. The project is a serious undertaking and requires a considerable time commitment that is manageable through good time management and pacing your work.

As time goes forward, there will be mini-lectures about different aspects of research and putting together your final thesis. This project is an extremely rewarding and enriching experience that all students with the necessary requirements are encouraged to undertake. If you have questions, please reach out to the director and to the secretary who can help to ease the process.

Below, you will find the links to the program description, the necessary forms, and the deadlines to be aware of.