George H. Cook Scholars Program

The George H. Cook Scholars Program is an independent research program for SEBS undergraduates under the mentorship of an approved advisor. The program is meant to act as an intensive capstone project for undergraduates seeking the challenge and experience of preforming their own independent research. Students are not constrained to the laboratory research fields and are free to propose projects and seek advisors in the disciplines of policy, public health, and many more. They are also encouraged to see advisor support in the extension and research stations.

Students graduate from SEBS "with honors" on the basis of their final cumulative grade-point average, regardless of participation in the General (4-year) Honors or George H. Cook Scholars programs. Some major programs (mainly SAS) also graduate students with "Honors in [the major]", on the basis of participation in a departmental honors program. Since students do not normally participate in more than one senior thesis program, these departments award major honors to qualified SEBS students on the basis of a George H. Cook Scholars project undertaken in that department.

The additional designation of a graduate as a George H. Cook Scholar is awarded to those who have successfully completed this two-semester, college-wide honors program.

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